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      Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of Warriors series Books, where courage, loyalty, and destiny collide in thrilling tales that capture the hearts of young readers and fans of all ages. Just Kids Books is proud to present a captivating collection of these epic adventures, brimming with action, friendship, and the undeniable allure of the wild. Immerse yourself in the fierce world of warrior cats as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, prophecies, and the unbreakable bonds of clan life. Purchase the collection now available and in stock at Just Kids Books, today! 

      Warriors Series One: The Prophecies Begin

      The first series of Warrior, titled The Prophecies Begin, is the starting point for the captivating saga created by Erin Hunter. Set in a mystical world of wild cats, this series introduces readers to four clans living in the untamed forest: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Each clan follows its unique code and is guided by the spirits of their warrior ancestors, StarClan.

      The journey begins with Into the Wild, where we meet Rusty, a curious and adventurous house cat. Rusty yearns for the freedom of the forest and decides to explore beyond his twoleg (human) home. There, he encounters Graypaw, a young ThunderClan apprentice, and is offered the chance to join the clan. Renamed Firepaw, he embarks on a new life as a ThunderClan apprentice, determined to prove himself as a brave and loyal warrior.

      In Fire and Ice, Firepaw, now a full-fledged warrior named Fireheart, faces new challenges as tensions rise between the clans. RiverClan and ShadowClan are growing increasingly hostile, and ThunderClan must find a way to preserve peace. Amidst the turmoil, Fireheart uncovers a dangerous secret that threatens to tear apart his clan. As he struggles to protect his friends and uncover the truth, the bond between the warrior cats is put to the test.

      The secrets hidden within the forest deepen in Forest of Secrets. Fireheart becomes the new deputy of ThunderClan, but his loyalty is divided when he uncovers the dark truth about the previous deputy's death. As the mystery unfolds, Fireheart must make difficult choices that will affect the future of his clan and the harmony between the four clans. Betrayal and redemption intertwine in this gripping installment of the series.

      Rising Storm intensifies the conflicts between the clans as ThunderClan faces new threats. Fireheart becomes ThunderClan's leader, Firestar, and must lead his clan through a storm that tests their unity. ShadowClan's ambitions and betrayal from unexpected quarters put ThunderClan in peril, forcing Firestar to prove his worth as a leader and protect his clan at all costs.

      A Dangerous Path, tensions between ThunderClan and ShadowClan escalate to the brink of war. Firestar must navigate a treacherous path to restore peace and preserve the warrior code. As the dangers mount, the forest faces a grave threat, and Firestar's leadership will determine the fate of all four clans.

      The thrilling conclusion of the first series, The Darkest Hour, sees Firestar facing his greatest challenge yet. An ancient enemy, Scourge, threatens to destroy everything Firestar holds dear. As the clans unite, Firestar must summon all his strength and bravery to confront the darkness and protect the forest from utter destruction.

      Throughout the series, readers are immersed in a world of complex characters, compelling relationships, and the ever-present struggle between good and evil. The Prophecies Begin sets the stage for a grand adventure that continues across several more series in the Warriors universe, captivating readers of all ages with its themes of friendship, bravery, and the enduring bonds of family.

      Warrior Cats books in order:

      Warriors Series One: The Prophecies Begin:

      • Into the Wild
      • Fire and Ice
      • Forest of Secrets
      • Rising Storm
      • A Dangerous Path
      • The Darkest Hour

      Warriors Series Two: The New Prophecy:

      • Midnight
      • Moonrise
      • Dawn
      • Starlight
      • Twilight
      • Sunset

      Warriors Series Three: The Power of Three:

      • The Sight
      • Dark River
      • Outcast
      • Eclipse
      • Long Shadows
      • Sunrise

      Warriors Series Four: Omen of the Stars:

      • The Fourth Apprentice
      • Fading Echoes
      • Night Whispers
      • Sign of the Moon
      • The Forgotten Warrior
      • The Last Hope

      Warriors Series Five: Dawn of the Clans:

      • The Sun Trail
      • Thunder Rising
      • The First Battle
      • The Blazing Star
      • A Forest Divided
      • Path of Stars

      Warriors Series Six: A Vision of Shadows:

      • The Apprentice's Quest
      • Thunder and Shadow
      • Shattered Sky
      • Darkest Night
      • River of Fire
      • The Raging Storm

      Warriors Series Seven: The Broken Code:

      • Lost Stars
      • The Silent Thaw
      • Veil of Shadows
      • Darkness Within
      • The Place of No Stars

      Warriors Series Eight: A Starless Clan:

      • A Light in the Mist
      • Tree's Roots
      • Daisy's Kin
      • Blackfoot's Reckoning

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