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      While the author’s name may not be as recognizable as some other children’s authors, Enid Blyton’s books are still just as beloved. The English author’s first full-length novel for children was published in 1938, and she wrote prolifically from then on through the late sixties. During that time, Enid Blyton books were some of the most popular, and they’re still delighting children to this day.

      Her stories all feature exciting plots that teach moral lessons with vocabulary that’s easily accessible to young readers. The Enid Blyton adventure series is one of the most popular of her works, but there is a wide variety of different series to choose from at American Bookworm.

      Why Reading is Important for Children

      Many parents enjoy the bonding experience they share with their children while reading to them, but there are more benefits than just making memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re reading a fairy tale before bed or spending a lazy weekend afternoon curled up on the couch together with one of these Enid Blyton books for sale, there are plenty of other ways reading can positively impact your child’s life. Reading together supports your child’s language skills and cognitive development, helps them better understand the world around them, encourages imagination, creativity, and empathy, increases their concentration and discipline, and prepares them for academic success.

      Instilling a love of reading at an early age by reading together is also important because it can inspire them to read on their own for pleasure as they get older. This is also very beneficial to their development, and it means they’re spending less time in front of a TV, video game, phone, or tablet.

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      Whether you buy a collection of Enid Blyton books for sale or a different series, we guarantee you won’t find a better price or better customer service anywhere else. This is thanks to our great relationship with leading children’s publishers, working directly with them to bring you a great selection of books for kids, like the Enid Blyton adventure series. Purchase from us today!

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