Celebrating Racial Diversity and Inclusion


      Celebrating Racial Diversity and Inclusion have become increasingly important topics in recent years as society continues to grapple with issues of equity and fairness. While progress has been made in some areas, there is still much work to be done to create a truly inclusive and equitable world. 

      One of the ways that people can educate themselves on these issues is by reading books that delve into the experiences and perspectives of people from different racial backgrounds. That’s why we’ve curated this collection of books that celebrated the many authors from a variety of different backgrounds to teach kids about celebrating each other’s racial diversity and inclusion. We’re here to recommend some of the best-selling titles that feature BAME characters or are written by those from varying racial backgrounds. 

      There is a multitude of books available on the subject of racial diversity and inclusion, each offering its own unique insight and perspective. From learning about inspirational historic leaders or discovering the importance of each other’s cultural heritage, we want to help educate kids of all ages about how these books offer insight into the existing stereotypes existing in cultures that stem from a minority background. This collection also aims to offer a unique perspective into a lifestyle that may be significantly different to our own.

      Not sure where to start? Let us give you a helping hand and recommend some of our favourite and best-selling books to help inform and educate your little ones.

      For those little bookworms starting to read independently, why not introduce them to the Little People, Big Dreams Groundbreaking Women 5 Books Set by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara? Discover the best-selling biography book series for kids! Learn about the life of some of the groundbreaking women, such as Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani education activist who spoke out for girls’ education. This story of the education advocate and Nobel Prize laureate is definitely one to check out. 

      This collection also includes Michelle Obama’s biography dictating her life as she grew up and worked hard to better the lives of others. She used her platform to advocate for women, girls, and the less fortunate, becoming history’s most powerful First Lady. 

      Each inspiring book comes with a fact and photo section at the back.

      If it’s fiction you’re looking for, check out the Planet Omar 3 Books Collection Set by Zainib Mian. Meet Omar in this middle-grade series starring a Muslim boy with a huge imagination. After moving to a new house and a new school, Omar has a hard time managing to stay out of trouble, especially when it comes to the class bully who’s got him in his sights at all times. But luckily, Eid is just around the corner, which means a big feast is in order (and presents!). Well…that’s only if Omar can stay in mom and dad’s good books long enough not to get himself into trouble again! 

      At Just Kids Books, we want to be a part of your next story and want to encourage a love of reading in all children. Each book is hand-picked by our team and reads first before we bring it to our customers. We take extra special care in making sure our range of books will be loved by you just as much as they are by us. 

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