From Bedtime Stories to Bestsellers: Why Reading is Essential for Every Child

From Bedtime Stories to Bestsellers: Why Reading is Essential for Every Child

Reading is one of the most important skills that a child can develop. It is not only an essential part of their education, but it is also a valuable tool for personal growth and development. Reading helps children to develop critical thinking skills, improve their vocabulary, and enhance their imagination. Additionally, reading can help children develop empathy, understanding, and a sense of self-awareness. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of reading for kids and provide some recommendations for great books that children will love to ensure they get less screen time and more story time. 

At American Bookworm, we understand the importance of encouraging children to read for pleasure and personal enjoyment. This is why we are committed to making it easy and affordable for families to build a library of books for their children. We offer a carefully curated selection of books that are both entertaining and educational, from board books for babies and toddlers to chapter books for older children.

Importance of Reading for Kids

Reading is a fundamental skill that lays the foundation for a child's education. Children who read regularly have been shown to perform better academically than those who do not. Reading helps children to develop their language skills and vocabulary, which in turn helps them to communicate more effectively. Additionally, reading can help children to develop critical thinking skills and learn how to make logical connections between ideas. 

First and foremost, reading helps children develop critical thinking skills. By engaging with books, children are forced to think about the world in new and different ways. They are challenged to ask questions, make connections, and analyze information. This type of cognitive development is essential for success in school and in life, as it helps children develop a more nuanced understanding of the world around them.

In addition to cognitive development, reading is also essential for social development. Through books, children are introduced to new cultures, new ideas, and new ways of thinking. They learn about different people, places, and perspectives and are exposed to a wider range of experiences than they might otherwise encounter. This exposure to diversity helps children develop empathy, understanding, and compassion for others, which is essential for building strong and healthy relationships throughout their lives.

Reading also plays an important role in developing a child's imagination. When children read books, they are transported to different worlds and situations, allowing them to explore new ideas and experiences. This can help them develop their creativity and curiosity, which are essential traits for success in life.

Moreover, reading can help children develop empathy and understanding. Through reading, children can learn about different cultures, experiences, and perspectives. This can help them to develop a sense of empathy and understanding for others, which is an important skill for building relationships and navigating the world around them. 

American Bookworm’s Top Picks

With all that being said, it can be challenging to find books that are both engaging and appropriate for young readers. To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite children's books that are sure to captivate and educate your little ones:

For the little ones…

The Dinosaur that Pooped…series

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Check out our Dinosaur That Pooped 5 Books (Bed, Planet, Past, Princess, and Christmas) By Tom Fletcher for little dinosaurs aged 0-5. The Dinosaur That Pooped series is a hilariously entertaining collection of children's books that follow the adventures of Danny and his pet dinosaur, who has an insatiable appetite for, you guessed it, everything! From planets to pirates, the dinosaur devours everything in its path, leading to some rather interesting and messy situations. But despite the chaos, Danny and his dinosaur always manage to save the day and teach valuable lessons about friendship, sharing, and teamwork along the way. With witty rhymes and colorful illustrations, The Dinosaur That Pooped series is sure to delight children of all ages and provide hours of laughter and fun.

Mog the Cat Series

Anyone here got a furry feline friend? Well then, they’re sure to love our Mog the

Cat 8 Books Children Collection by Judith Kerr. Mog the Cat is a charming children's book series that has captured the hearts of generations of readers. Created by Judith Kerr, the series tells the story of a lovable tabby cat named Mog who gets into all sorts of misadventures with her human family. With beautiful illustrations and witty storytelling, these books are the perfect way to introduce young readers to the joys of reading. From Mog's hilarious encounters with the local wildlife to her heartwarming moments with her human family, each book in the series is sure to delight and entertain children of all ages. So if you're looking for a fun and engaging series that your kids will love, be sure to check out the charming world of Mog the Cat.


For the not-so-little ones…

Goosebumps series

Beware, dear reader, you’re in for a scare! It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t recommend our own personal favorite series, Goosebumps! Check out the Goosebumps Horrorland Series 18 Books Children Collection by R.L. Stine. This colossal collection features eighteen scary stories for your confident readers to sink their teeth into. Enjoy bestselling titles such as Say Cheese- And Die Screaming, Escape From Horrorland, Revenge of the Living Dummy, The Scream of the Haunted Mask, and more!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

ZOO-WEE-MAMA! The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is always a popular hit with

kids. Check out our Diary of a Wimpy Kid Box of Books 12 Book Collection set by Jeff Kinney. This brilliant box set has a whopping twelve books for your little ones to get stuck into. Join the comedic teenage duo Greg Heffley and his best friend Rowley as they navigate the daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Middle School in a series of top-secret diary entries. Whether it’s dealing with his crazy family or life in middle school where undersized weaklings have to share the hallways with the older, mean kids, you can read about it all in this hilarious series. On top of all that, Greg must be careful to avoid the dreaded cheese touch or be shunned by all his classmates! Life sure is tough for a twelve-year-old. Filled with laugh-out-loud text and rib-tickling cartoon illustrations, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is guaranteed to give you non-stop entertainment and fun for hours on end. Reader, beware, and make sure to stay away from the horrible cheese touch! 

Reading can be fun!

Reading is an essential skill that plays a vital role in a child's education and personal development. It helps children to develop critical thinking skills, improve their vocabulary, and enhance their imagination. Additionally, reading can help children develop empathy, understanding, and a sense of self-awareness. By providing children with great books to read, we can help them develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.